(Lord) John WRIGHT

[F8992]. (Lord) John WRIGHT
Of Wrightsbridge, co., Essex, England. He was the eldest son of (Myddle) John WRIGHT [F17984] and Alice (Rucke) WOOD [F17985].
(Myddle) John Wright who inherited from his father the manor of Dagenhams on the west side of the Ingrebourne River near the bridge over the Ingrebourne known as Wrightsbridge. This manor was in the Horn Church parish, however, Lord John's baptism and birth are not recorded. From the other facts of his family's life it has been estimated he was probably born sometime between 1542 and 1546 to Myddle John Wright and wife, the widow Alice (Rucke) Wood.

He married (1) Elizabeth LINDSELL in 1568. Lord John's first wife, Elizabeth LINDSELL, died (about 1585)(1586-1587) when their last child Nathaniel was only about 4 years old. He married the widow Bennett GREENE in 1589.

He was granted arms on 6 JUNE 1590 by Elizabeth I. He was one of the Protestants in the House of Lords who supported Elizabeth, and later James I, in their religious policies.

WIFE (1):
[F17985]. Elizabeth (Emfell?) LINDSELL.

CHILDREN of (Lord) John WRIGHT [F8992] and (Elizabeth?) LINDSELL [F8993]:

WIFE (2):
Bennett GREENE
She was a widow. She married (Lord) John WRIGHT in 1589.

CHILDREN of (Lord) John WRIGHT and Bennett GREENE: