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(Deacon) Thomas Wells and Abigail Warner

[F7832]. (Deacon) Thomas WELLS. [PC W2-2].
Born about 1605, probably in Colchester, Essex, England. This birth year is supported by the ship’s register, when his age was entered as a passenger on the ship when he emigrated to New England. He was christened 11 DEC 1605 at Colchester, Essex, England.

Many attempts have been made to connect him with Thomas Welles who lived for a time in Cambridge and then moved to Connecticut and became Governor of Connecticut. There is much confusion on this subject, and many errors and fallacious genealogies have been created. Deacon Thomas WELLS had no connection with Connecticut or Governor Welles. Governor Welles had no connection with Essex County, England. Also the difference in spelling between Wells and Welles seems to be distinct.

His father is now thought to be Thomas Wells, of Colchester, Essex, Egnland.

Thomas WELLS married Abigail WARNER on 23 July 1630 at St. Betelph’s, Colchester, Essex, England.

They came to New England in 1635 on the ship Susan & Ellen, and arrived at Boston. It appears from these passenger lists that they probably departed England in May.

In the Suzan and Ellin, Edward Payne Mr. for New England. Theis pties herevnder expressed have brought Certificate from the Minister and Justices of their Conformitie and that they are no Subsedy men.

John Procter 40 Husb.
Martha Procter 28
John Procter 3
Marie Procter 1
Alice Street 28
Walter Thornton 36 Husb.
Joanna Thornton 44
John North 20
Mary Pynder 53
ffrancis Pynder 20
Marie Pynder 17
Joanna Pynder 14
Katherin Pinder 10
Jo: Pynder 8
Richard Skofield 22
Edward Weeden 22
George Wilby 16
Richard Hawkins 15
Tho: Parker 30
Symon Burd 20
Jo: Mansfield 34
Clement Cole 30
Jo: Jones 20
Wm Burrow 19
Phillip Atwood 13
Wm Snowe 18
Edward Lumus 24
Richard Saltonstall 23 Husb.
Merriall Saltonstall 22
Merriall Saltonstall 9mo.
Tho: Wells 30
Peter Coop 28
Wm Lambart 26
Samvel Podd 25
Jeremy Belcher 22
Marie Clifford 25
Jane Coe 30
Marie Riddlesden 17
Jo: Pellam 20
Mathew Hitchcock 25
Elizabeth Nicholls 25
Tomazin Carpenter 35
Ann ffowle 25
Edmond Gorden 18
Tho: Sydlie 22
Margaret Leach 22
Marie Smith 21
Elizabeth Swayne 16
Grace Bewlie 30
Ann Wells 20
Dyonis Tayler 48
Hanna Smith 30
Jo: Buckley 15
Wm Buttrick 18

viij Apr. 1635

Theis vnder written names are to be transported to New England imbarqued in the Suzan and Ellin Edward Payne Mr. The p';ties have brought Certificates from ye Ministers and Justices of the peace of they are no Subsedy men: and are conformable to ye orders and discipline of the Church of England.

(First Name; Surname ; Years ; Occupation )
Ralph Hudson 42 A drap.
Marie Hudson 42 Uxor of Ralph
Hanna Hudson 14 Child of Ralph
Eliz: Hudson 5 Child of Ralph
Jo: Hudson 12 Child of Ralph
Tho: Briggham 32
Ben: Thwing 16 Servant of Ralph Hudson
Ann Gilson 34 Servant of Ralph Hudson
Judith Kirk 18 Servant of Ralph Hudson
Jo: More 41 Servant of Ralph Hudson
Henry Knowles 25 Servant of Ralph Hudson
Geo: Richardson 30
Ben: Thomlins 18
Edward Tomlins 30
Barbara Fford 16
Joan Boomer 13
Richard Brooke 24
Tho: Brooke 18
Symon Crosby 26 Husbanm:
Ann Crosby 25 Uxor of Symon
Tho: Crosby 8 wks. Child of Symon
Rich: Rowton 36 Husbanm:
Ann Rowton 36 Uxor of Rich:
Edmond Rowton 6 Child of Rich:
Percivall Greene 32 Husbanm:
Ellin Green 32 Uxor of Percivall
Jo: Trane 25 Servant of Percivall Greene
Margaret Dix 18 Servant of Percivall Greene
Jo: Atherson 24
Ann Blason 27
Ben: Buckley 11
Daniell Buckley 9
Jo: Corrington 33
Mary Corrington 33

Nono die Maij, 1635

Theis vnder written names are to be transported to New England, imbarqued in ye Suzan and Ellin, Edward Payne Mr. The p'ties have brought Certificates from the minister of the p'ish of their conformitie to the Church of England, and that they are no Subsedy men: The p'ties have taken the oaths of Allegeance and Supremacie.

Peter Bulkley 50
Tho: Brooke 20
Precilla Jarman 10
Richard Brooke 24
Elizabeth Taylor 10
Ann Lieford 13

Thomas and Abigail apparently did not remain in Boston long. Son Nathaniel is said to have been born in Salisbury in 1636, so they may have been there for a short time. They soon settled in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.

In 1638 the town of Ipswich granted him a house lot, and about 1 ½ acres on the river; and afterwards 10 acres of marsh land, in full satisfaction for his land being taken for the highway by the bridge. He was a Deacon.

He died 26 OCT 1666 at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. His will was probated 15 NOV 1666.

[F7833]. Abigail WARNER. [PC W2-2].
Born in 1614 at (Great Horkesley-S8)(Boxted, Essex, England; daughter of William WARNER [F15666] and Abigail BAKER [F15667]. She was christened 2 JUN 1614 at Colchester, Boxted, Essex, England. She has also been said to be the daughter of John WARNER.(S1).

She married Thomas WELLS [F7832] on 23 JUL 1630 at St. Betelph’s, Colchester, Essex, England.

She came to New England with Thomas on the ship Susan & Ellen in 1635, but her name is given on the ships passenger list as Ann. (see above).

She died 22 JUL 1671 at Ipswich (Salisbury-S8), Essex County, Massachusetts. Her will mentions George Greely, who lived with her son Nathaniel from his birth, and Mary Greely, the maid in Nathaniel’s family.

CHILDREN of Thomas WELLS [F7832] and Abigail WARNER [F7833]: