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Henry WEBB and Dau CLOWARD

[F14811136]. (Sir) Henry WEBB. (Henry Alexander Webb-S3)
Born on 15 MAY 1350 in Stratford-Upon-Avon , Warwickshire, England.

The WEBB family was originally from Dorset, one of the shires in England. (S4).

From a grant dated 9 April 1371.
Grant by John Bagynden of Stratford upon Auen to Henry le Webbe of the same of a half burgage in Stratford in le Retherstret between a messuage of the Warden of the Chantry of Stratford and a messuage of Catherine Mollyng' Witnesses: Nicholas Saucer 'prepositus', Ralph Saucer and Henry Smyth, 'cachepolles', Richard Fille, John Chaucombe and others.
Dated at Stratford, Wednesday in Easter week, 45 Edw.III.
Seal: a fragment of white wax only remains. (S6).

From a grant dated 30 December 1396:
Grant by Henry Webbe of Stratford upon Abon to Walter Vlymakar and Alice his wife, of a half burgage in Rothurstrete between a parcel of land of the Warden of the Chantry of St. Thomas the Martyr of Stratford and a half burgage of Thomas Mullynges.
Witnesses: Roger Bruhull', 'prepositus', John Irmonger and Robert Pynks, 'ballivi', John Smale, John Palmer, dyer, Robert Thorn, Robert Barford, William Walkar and many others.
Dated at Stratford, Saturday in the vigil of St. Silvester the Pope, 20 Richard II.
Seal of red wax, shielf-shaped, broken. The letter T between palm-branches: in chief [I R] L H. (Engraved in Fisher's Antiquities, no.81). (S5).

Henry died in 1397.

[F14811137]. Dau CLOWARD.