[F3908]. Benoni TUCKER.
Born 16 OCT 1662 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; son of Morris TUCKER [F7816] and Elizabeth STEVENS [F7817].

Benoni's mother died at his birth.(S4).

He was an early Quaker.(S4). Putnam belives that Benoni was a Quaker (p. 4, Tucker Ms).(S4).

He was a weaver. (S4).

He married Ebenezer NICHOLS [F3909] in JUN 1686. They live first in Salisbury and five of their children were born there.(S4).

About 1697/8 they removed to Amesbury. "On 27 Oct. 1698 Benoni Tucker of 'Almsbury,' weaver, for £25 bought of Thomas Challis land in Amesbury. Their home was in the part of Amesbury called Jamaico, or West Amesbury.

He signed "The Petition in Favor of Mrs. Bradbury”, July 22, 1692, was signed by:
...Benony TUCKER
Ebenezer TUCKER
Meres [Morris] TUCKER & his wyfe...

He was in Amesbury in 1708, when he is called the “Snow-shoe man' in Amesbury, 1708". (S4).

From (S2): AMESBURY SNOW-SHOE MEN OF 1708. "Almsburey desember ye 23! 1708! "To: Colanall Thomas noyes Sir in obedance to your warant baring dat ye 6! of this enstant desembere we have taken a vew of our armes amonison and snow hose [shoes] magsons and find them genralye well fixed sir I am your honars most humbl sarvt.

"Ye snoshoe men of Almsbury
... [Benon]ey Tucker ...

His will is dated (4-S3)(14) JAN 1734-1735. He died about 1735 in Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(S4). His will mentions his wife Ebenezer. His will was proved 17 MAR 1734-5.

[F3909]. (Ebenezer-S1,S2,S3,S4,S6)(Ebenezar-S5)(Ebeneza-S7)(Elizabeth-S?) NICHOLS.
[Though this seems an improbable name for a female, this is the way it is found].

Born 3 AUG (6th month) 1664 at Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of Thomas NICHOLS [F7818] and Mary MOULTON [F7819].

She married Benoni TUCKER [F3908].

She died after 1735.

CHILDREN of Benoni TUCKER [F3908] and Ebenezer NICOLS [F3909]:
  1. Ebenezer Tucker. Born 31 Mar 1687.
  2. [F1954]. Benjamin TUCKER. Born 12 JAN 1689 at Salisbury, Massachusetts. He married 16 DEC 1714 Alice DAVIS [F1955]. His will was proved 29 JUN 1767.
  3. Nathaniel Tucker. Born 12 Nov 1692.
  4. Elizabeth Tucker. Born 24 Mar 1694/95.
  5. Mary Tucker. Born 4 May 1697.
  6. Frances Tucker. Born 26 Jan 1699/0.
  7. Ezra Tucker. Born 27 Mar 1706.