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(Stephen?) THURSTON

The purpose of this file is to determine the correct parents of Daniel THURSTON [F3968]. It has been said that his father was either Daniel or Stephen THURSTON. It is also said that his parents were Robert Thurston and Martha Pierce. They are followed here until a determination can be made.



THURSTON Beccles. (to include Loddon Road) (Suffolk, England, United Kingdom)
THURSTON Leisten. (Suffolk, England, United Kingdom)
THURSTON Bremhill. (Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom)
THURSTON Challock. (Kent, England, United Kingdom)
THURSTON Cranbrook. (Kent, England, United Kingdom)
THURSTON Faversham. (Kent, England, United Kingdom)
THURSTON Hardley. (Norfolk, England, United Kingdom)


Daniel Thurston of Newbury, Massachusetts, who married Ann Lightfoot, the widow of Francis Lightfoot, was the uncle of our ancestor, Daniel Thurston. We know this from his will in which he calls our ancestor Daniel his kinsman, but more importantly from a petition relating to the militia. The petition notes Young Daniel Thurston is under his uncle. (S1,S2). Daniel Thurston and Ann Lightfoot had no children.

From this it is apparent that Daniel Thurston was not his father.


Stephen THURSTON. [PC W3-1].

So far I have no information about Stephen Thurston to determine if he was even related.


Daniel Thurston is said to be the son of Robert Thurston and Martha Pierce.

Robert Thurston and Martha Pierce did have a son Daniel Thurston, who was christened on 26 October 1628 in Faversham, Kent, England. This was obviously too early for him to be the same Daniel Thurston who is said to have been born in Cranbrook, Kent, England in 1631. I see no connection of this family in Faversham with Cranbrook.