Matthias ST JOHN

[F4268]. Matthias ST JOHN. [PC M2-12].
The name is originally spelled Sension. His will uses the spelling Sention, and this spelling is used on other documents apparently signed by family members. Senchon is another spelling found in the original documents. The St. John version of the name is not used until about the early 1700's.

Born about (1600-S2)(1604-S1)(about 1604-S5)(1605-?) in Berkshire, England.

He is said to be of St. Botolph, Bishops Gate, London, England. {S?}.

He is said to be the son of Oliver ST. JOHN [F8536] and Sarah BULKELEY [F8537]. Evidence for this is not given. Matthias is not mentioned in the will of Oliver. It has been speculated that perhaps his marriage to Mary Tinker was below his station, and that this may have been the reason he was not mentioned in the will. {S3}. However, Oliver wrote his will in 1625, and Matthias did not marrry until 1627. Another more plausible theory is that by the time of the will he had embraced unpopular religious beliefs, and so was not included in the will. On the other hand, as stated, there is no evidence given for him being the son of Oliver.

It has often been stated that Matthias Sention was a brother of Elizabeth St. John, wife of Samuel Whiting. However, no proof of this has ever been advanced.

He married Mary TINKER (before 1630-S2)(on 1 NOV 1627-S5) at New Windsor, Berkshire, England.

The parish registers of St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, record the baptisms of children of Matthias Sension and his wife Mary and of James Sension and his wife Anne. Both of these are called chandlers -- merchants of candles and other small wares and groceries. There are no further mention of Matthias and his family in England after the christening of son Mark in 1633, and shortly after the records in New England start. So, tentatively, this family can be identified as the immigrants.

[It is not clear that the New Windsor family in Berkshire is the same as the St. Nicholas Cole Abbey family in London].

Matthias and Mary He and his wife came to New England about 1633-1634. The Tinker, Merwin, and Sention families migrated together to New England, and it is no coincidence that their joint settlement was named Windsor (Connecticut) in honor of their home city. (S?).

They settled first at Dorchester, Massachusetts. He was made a freeman there on 3 September 1634.

They moved to Windsor, Connecticut, (about 1638-1640-S1)(in 1640-S2). "Ancient Windsor Connecticutt" lists Matthias St. John's residence at N-No of Rods 24. Matthias St. John, E 3 m.; bd. N. by Joshua Carter; John Stiles Vol. 4, pg. 775.

They moved to Wethersfield, Connecticut about 1648.

In 1654 they moved to Norwalk, Connecticut, where his will was made on 19 October 1669, and where it was recorded on 10 March 1669. The will mentions his wife, but does not name her.

In his will he mentions "Brother & Sister Hoyt." See the will of Mathias St. John, published in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register in October 1995. It has been a puzzle as to who they were, but this article indicates that "Walter Hoyt’s third wife was probably Rhoda (Tinker) sister of Mary Tinker wife of Mathias St. John." (S4).

He died (about JAN-S5)(OCT)(NOV-S2) (1669)(1669-1670-S5) at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

[F4269]. Mary TINKER. (Tinkham) [PC M2-12].
Born about AUG 1606 at New Windsor, Berkshire, England; daughter of Robert TINKER [F8538] and Mary MERWIN [F8539]. Mary Tinker was christened 6 August 1606 at the parish of New Windsor, in the town of Windsor, Berkshire, England. She married Matthias ST JOHN [F4268] on 1 NOV 1627 at New Windsor, Berkshire, England. She died after 1669.

CHILDREN of Matthias ST JOHN [F4268] and Mary TINKER [F4269]:
  1. [F2134]. Matthias ST JOHN. [PC M2-12]. He was christened on 30 November 1628 at New Windsor, Berkshire, England. He married Elizabeth (SEELEY-S5) in 1658. He died in DEC 1728 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  2. Mark ST. JOHN. Born JUN 1633 in London. He was christened on 10 Jun 1633 in London, Middlesex, England. He married (1) Elizabeth STANLEY about 1655 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. They had children born in Norwalk: Elizabeth Sention, born December 6, 1656 and Sarah Sention, born January 18, 1659. He married (2) Dorothy SMITH [F2137] on 21 Jan 1692 (marriage contract) in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. He died on 12 Aug 1693 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. His estate was probated on 7 Nov 1693 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  3. Thomas ST JOHN. Christened on 24 OCT 1631 in the parish of St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, England.
  4. Samuel ST JOHN. Born in (1637)(1640) at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth HOYT (HOITE, HOYTE), who died in 1706, in SEP 1663 at Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. He died 14 Jan 1685. Mercy ST JOHN. Married Ephraim LOCKWOOD on 8 JUN 1665 at Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  5. James ST JOHN. Born in 1649 at Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He died 9 May 1684. Married Rebecca PICKETT on 31 DEC 1673 at Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut. Died without issue on 9 MAY 1684.