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John SCOTT. (Senior).
Born (about 1741-S1,S5)(in 1741-S2,S3,S4)(1749-S11) in Culpeper County, Virginia; son of Samuel Scott and Jane.

Ancestors [see in SCOTT FAMILY STUDY]:
Samuel Scott and Jane. (S2).
John Scott and Judith Dudley
John Scott and Mary Basset

[NOTE: This John Scott is presented here to show that he is a separate and distinct individual from our ancestor John Scott from Green County, Kentucky; and to clarify who married who, since there has been some confusion as to who was married to which spouses.

He married (1) Judith Atkinson (Atkins) on 29 September 1767 in St. James Parish, Goochland County, Virginia. The first official record of John Scott is of his marriage to Judith Atkinson which was performed by Rev. William Douglas in St James Parish, Goochland County, VA. This marriage is recorded in "The Douglas Register" as are the births of their first two children, Cosby(or Cosbie) and William. (The Douglas Register. Page 43). (S1,S1a,S2,S3,S4,S12).

John was in the Revolutionary War. (S1a).

In his application for a pension, John Scott stated that he entered the service of the United States in the spring of the year 1781 in Fuvanna County, VA; that he resided in that county; that he was drafted for 3 months and joined the militia in Capt. Daniel Tillman's Company, Col. Holt Richeson's Regiment; that he marched in Tillman's Company from Fluvannah County to Richmond, from there to Duncastle (near Williamsburg, VA); that he served out the 3 months fully ; but had no written discharge. (S1,S2,S3).

He further stated that he entered the service again in the fall of 1781 for 3 months in the militia under the command of Capt. Richard Knapper, the names of the higher officers he had forgotten; that he had marched from Fluvannah County to Richmond, VA; that he had served out the 3 months fully but had no written discharge. The pension application was signed by John Scott and he gave his age as 89 years. This was filed in Green County, KY on 15 October 1832. (However, the 1840 census gives his age as 99 years which indicates his birth was in 1741.). (S1,S2,S3).

Samuel Faulkner of Green County, KY, gave testimony as to the truth of the statements of John Scott. When John Scott received his pension in April 1833, he was allowed $20.00 per year. (Parts of Goochland County became Albemarle County in 1744 and part of Albemarle became Fluvanna County in 1777.). (S1,S2).

Entered service in the spring of 1781 in Fluvanna Co., Virginia for three months in militia in Capt. Daniel Tillman's Company in Col. Richardson's Regiment. Served again for three months in the fall of 1781 in Fluvanna, Co., Virginia under Capt. Richard Knapper. Applied for Pension from Greene Co., Kentucky 15 Oct 1832. He is also listed with his son, William Scott, on the 1840 List of Pensioners of Hardin Co., Kentucky. He was then 99 years old. Final Pension payment was made 9 Nov 1840; the next book which would show actual pension payment is missing from the Washington D.C. Archives. (Application for membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution for Cecile H. Flynn National membership number - 595254). Copy on file. John Scott was accepted as a Revolutionary War Veteran as an ancestor of Robert D. Flynn by the Sons of the American Revolution on 8 Oct 1993, National #129443. (S3).

Some time during the 1780s John Scott moved to Bedford County, VA. It appears that He was in Hardin County, KY, in 1800 along with his son Joseph. (S1,S2).

23 Dec 1782 John Scott purchased 200 acres of land bordering the land of Peter Hunter on Elk Creek, Bedford County, Virginia. (S3).

He married (2) Elizabeth Hunter about 1784. (S1a).

On 25 February 1788 he and his wife, Betty, sold the land on Elk Creek to David North and he bought on the same day 150 acres on the waters of Goose Creek near the James Bunch Plantation. (S3).

Post card addressed to Mrs. Jack J. Scott, Rt. 4, Marion, Ky. Campbellsville, Ky. 3-12-1955.
Madame -
Thanks for the copy of "Kentucky Bell" sent to Mr. Trout. My mother was a Scott. Her brother, my Uncle, Dr. Ben B. Scott, was a surgeon with Morgan - was with Morgan on the Ohio raid, and was captured with Morgan.
My name is Henry Scott-Robinson - I will be 94 years old the 6th of next June - I am the oldest practicing Lawyer in Ky.
Deroy Scott - Vice president of the Lincoln Bank & Trust Co., of Louisville, Ky., is a grandson of my uncle Ben B.Scott.
My Grandfather John Scott when he was a boy moved with the family from Culpepper Co., Va. to (at or near) Stamping ground in Scott Co., Ky. - When he was 21 he went to Louisville opened a tanyard near the mouth of Beargrass Creek, Stayed there a year, had chills and fever -then moved to Greensburg, Ky. - which was then the larger town - lived there the rest of his life.
Respectfully, H.S.Robinson. (S1a,S3).

On 21 March 1796 John Scott and his wife, Betty, sold 231 acres on the west branch of Goose Creek; the examination of the wife Betty refers to her as Elizabeth. (S3).

He bought land on Mill Creek (150 acres) on 2 Mar 1798 from Aaron Rawlings. Later there was some dispute over the land and there was court action even after the land was sold to David Poole on 1 March 1810. Mill Creek is a branch of the Salt River. (S3). John Scott lived for a time on Mill Creek in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1798. (S1a,S2).

He appears on the tax roll for Hardin County from 1800 thru 1809. (S1a, S2,S3).

In 1810 he and wife Betty sold the land and moved to Green Co., Kentucky by 1813. (S1a).

John Scott filed a pension application in Green County, Kentucky in 1832. (S10).

John Scott and his son, John, Jr., removed to Green Co., KY where he resided until he returned to live with his son, William Scott, on Mill Creek, Hardin Co., KY where he lived until his death. (S3).

John was living with the family of his son William in Hardin County, KY in September 1840 when he received his last pension payment. (S1, S10).

John Scott died (9 Setember 1840-S13)(on 10 November 1840-S1,S7,S10)(in 1845-S1,S4,S5) (in Green County-S1) (in Hardin, Hardin County, Kentucky-S1,S3,S4,S5), Kentucky. John Scott Sr. is probably buried in Williams-Mudd Cemetery located in Hardin County, Kentucky. (S1,S3).

WIFE (1):
Judith ATKINSON. (Atkins).
Born (about 1741-S1,S4,S5)(on 20 August 1741-S1a,S2) in Virginia.

She died probably about 1783 (possibly in childbirth?).

  1. Mary Scott. Born in (MAY 1773-S1a)(May 1767-S3) in Virginia. (S3 says Mary was probably born in May 1767, before the marriage to Judith Atkinson in September 1767). She married William Fisher on 6 April 1793 in Bedford County, Virginia. Surety was Cozbi Scott; consent father, John Scott. They were married by Jeremiah Hatcher. William Fisher was born in October 1769 in New Jersey. William died on 14 January 1855, age 85 years, 3 months. William and Mary went to Greene County, Illinois, north of Apple Creek, in 1825. Their son, John Fisher, married Mary Thompson on 5 March 1814 in Green County, Kentucky. (S3). Mary Scott is buried in the Martin Prairie Cemetery, East of Roodhouse, Greene County, Illinois. This cemetery is sometimes referred to as the Ebenezer Cemetery as it is across the road from where the Ebenezer Methodist Church once was. Her gravestone in Martin's Prairie Cemetery states that Mary died 25 April 1853, age 85 yrs. 11 months, which indicates the birth year of 1767 is correct. Census records and the above age make her older than her brother Cosbey Scott.
  2. Cosby Scott. (Cozbi)(Cosbey). Christened on 18 October 1768 in St.James Northam, Goochland County, Virginia. He married (1) Sara Standley on 3 December 1789 in Bedford County, Virginia. They had children Judith Elizabeth Scott and James Scott. He married (2) Ellender Price on 17 December 1810 in Hardin County, Kentucky. They had daughter Mary B. Scott. He died after 1850 in LaRue, Kentucky.
  3. William Scott. Christened on 14 April 1770 in St.James Northam, Goochland County, Virginia. He married Priscilla Bunch on 31 January 1792 in Bedford, Virginia. He died (on 1 April 1842-S7)(before 15 August 1842) in Hardin County, Kentucky. Children: Anderson Scott.
  4. Nancy Scott. Born in (1770-S9)(1772-S1a) in Virginia. She married William Davidson on 19 October 1792 in Bedford County, Virginia. She died in 1850.
  5. Elizabeth Scott. Born in (1777-S1a)(1779-S9) in Vrginia. She married Elijah Allen on 1 April 1800 in Hardin County, Kentucky. She died on 13 January 1849 in Hardin County, Kentucky.
  6. Sarah Scott. (Sarah-S5)(Sara-S1a)(Sally-S1a). Born (about 1777-S5)(about 1778)(in 1778-S1a) in Virginia. She married (1) Moses Pigg on 20 July 1800 in Hardin County, Kentucky. She married (2) John Greenwalt on 19 December 1844 in Hardin County, Kentucky.
  7. Joseph Scott. Born in (1779-S9)(1780-S1a) in Virginia. He married Nancy Thompson on 2 January 1804 in Hardin County, Kentucky. He died in 1850.
  8. John Scott. Born in 1782 in Virginia. He married (Sarah-S1)(Sara-S1a,S3)(Sally-S4) Dooley, daughter of Samuel Dooley, on 20 August 1801 in Hardin County, Kentucky. John Scott when he was a boy moved with the family from Culpepper Co., Va. to (at or near) Stamping ground in Scott Co., Kentucky. - When he was 21 he went to Louisville opened a tan yard near the mouth of Beargrass Creek, Stayed there a year, had chills and fever -then moved to Greensburg, Kentucky. - which was then the larger town - lived there the rest of his life. He died before 1820 in Kentucky. He is buried in Greensburg Cemetery, Green Co., Kentucky. (S1a).
  9. Martha (Patsy) Scott. Born (in 1783-S1a)(about 1783). Martha Scott married William M. Allen on 13 June (1804)(1805-S1a) in Hardin County, Kentucky; surety, Elijah Allen; consent, father, John Scott. Martha died after 1860 in Hardin County, Kentucky. William Allen was born abt. 1781 and died aft. 1857; both died in Hardin Co., KY. Their children were John Wesley, Samuel, Jeptha, William M., Pleasant, Elizabeth, and Martha.

WIFE (2):
Elizabeth Hunter. (Betsy).
Born about 1765 in Virginia. (S1a).

She died on 24 August 1828 in Green County, Kentucky. (S1a). [S9 indicates that it was Judith who died on this date].

CHILDREN of John Scott and Elizabeth Hunter:
Stephen Scott. Born on 5 June 1785 in Bedford County, Virginia. He married Nancy Thornburgh, probably about 1822-1823. He was later in Greene County, Ohio. He died on 21 February 1884 in Caesar's Creek, Greene Co., Ohio. On his death certificate it is listed that he was born in Bedford Co., Va. and his parents were John Scott and Elizabeth Hunter. Children were Catherine, Elizabeth, William J., Sara A., Melissa, and Martha E. (S1a).