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Joseph Pell and Elizabeth James

[F7938]. Joseph PELL. [PC W3-1].
Born (1598-S5)(in 1600-S1) (about 1603-S3) in Lincolnshire, England; son of [William Pell.

He was christened (as Jossieas Pell) in October 1598 in Great Hale, Lincolnshire, England. (S5).

He married (1) Elizabeth JAMES [F7939] (on 5 November 1619)(before 1623-S1)(in 1628) in Great Hale, Lincolnshire, England.

Elizabeth died in 1636 in Great Hale, Lincolnshire, England. (S5).

Joseph Married (2) Johanna Crockett on 5 October 1637 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England. (S5).

JOSEPH PELL, of Lynn, Essex, MA, was admitted freeman, 1638. He emigrated to New England in 1638 with his wife and children. (S5).

He was admitted a Freeman in 1638 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. (S2).

Joseph Pell was a Butcher in Boston. (S1).

His wife Johanna died in 1648 in Boston, Massacjusetts. (S5).

He married (3) Elizabeth Wright in 1649. (S5).

He died (on 23 FEB-S1)(about APR) 1650 at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

WIFE (1):
[F7939]. Elizabeth JAMES. [PC W3-1].
Born about 1600 in England.

She married Joseph PELL [F7938] (before 1623-S1)(in 1628) in England.

She died (in 1636) (before 1637-S1) in Great Hale, Lincolnshire, England.

CHILDREN of Joseph PELL and Elizabeth JAMES:
  1. [F3969]. Ann PELL. (Anne). [PC W3-1]. Born in 1635 in Lincolnshire, England. She married Daniel THURSTON [F3968] on 20 October 1655 at Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. She died in 1673 in Massachusetts.

  2. Eleanor Pell. Born (in 1620-S5)(in 1623) in England. She married (1) John BOYNTON on 21 Feb 1642/43 in Boston. She married (2) Deacon Maximilian JEWETT on 30 August 1671 in Rowley, Massachusetts. She married (3) Daniel Warner. She died 5 August 1689 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.

WIFE (2):
Johanna Crockett.
Born in 1615 in Lincolnshire, England.

WIFE (3):
Elizabeth Wright. (Wight).
Elizabeth Wright was born on 2 November 1606 in Hareby, Lincolnshire, England; daughter of Robert Wight and Elizabeth Fulshaw. She married (1) Nathaniel Eaton or Heaton, who was born in England and came to Boston as early as 1634. He and his wife Elizabeth were admitted to the Boston church on 2 November 1634. He was a mercer [a dealer in textiles (especially silks)], a proprietor of Boston, where he was admitted a freeman on 25 May 1636. (S1).

She married (3) John Minor (Maynard). (S1).

She conveyed her dower rights in certain land on 13 May 1660. (S1).

She and the son Nathaniel petitioned on 1 Febbuary 1664 for a division of the estate. (S1).

She died on 11 March 1671 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. (S1).

Children: Jabesh; Mary, married, 5 May 1653, John Gilbert; Eleazer, baptized 2 Oct 1636; Leah, married Cornelius Fisher; Nathaniel, Elizabeth, born 8 Oct 1643.(S1).