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Benjamin PEARSON and Hannah THURSTON

[F3586]. Benjamin PEARSON.
Born on the sixth day of the second month (Old Style?) in 1658; son of John PEARSON [F7172] and Dorcas [F7173]. If this date is Old Style, which I presume it is, he was born 6 April 1658. He was of Newbury, Massachusetts. He married Hannah THURSTON [F3587] on 20 January 1679-1680. He died on 16 June 1731 at Newbury, Massachusetts.

[F3587]. Hannah THURSTON.
Born on 20 January 1658-1659 at Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts; daughter of Daniel THURSTON [(F3968)] and Anne PELL [(F3969)]. She married Benjamin PEARSON [F3586] on 20 January 1679-1680. She died on (26 June-S1)(24 August-S?) in 1731.

CHILDREN of Benjamin PEARSON [F3586] and Hannah THURSTON [F3587]:
  1. [F1793]. Mehitable PEARSON. Born 18 MAY 1695. She married William TENNEY [F1792] on 3 SEP 1720. She died 1 MAR 1749 (1774).