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JUDAH was born (in 1870 B.C.-S4) in Hebron; son of JACOB and LEAH.

He married (1) ?, the daughter of Shuah, the Canaanite.

He married (2) TAMAR (TAMER).

In the Book of Genesis, Judah emerges as a leader. With Reuben he interceded for his half-brother Joseph's life when his brothers sought to kill him after he told of a vision that he would one day be a king and his brothers would bow before him. His brothers were already jealous because Joseph was their father's favorite and he had presented him with a beautiful coat of many colors. Judah was the spokesman for his brothers before Joseph in Egypt. In the Exodus his tribe was in the lead, and it settled in the rich land of Southern Palestine, extending from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean, according to scripture. Within its borders was Jerusalem. It gave its name to the Kingdom of Judah.

He died (after 1670 B.C.-S4) in Rameses, Goshen, Egypt.

WIFE (1):
Daughter of Shuah, the Canaanite.

CHILDREN of Judah and the daughter of Shuah:
  1. Er
  2. Onan
  3. Shelah

WIFE (2):
TAMAR. (Tamer).
This was also his daughter in law twice, Numbers 26:19, Gen 28:29,30.

Tamar was born in Hebron.

She died in Rameses, Goshen, Egypt.

CHILDREN of Judah and Tamar:
  1. PHAREZ. [CHART A4], [CHART A7].
  2. ZERAH. (Zarah, Zara) . [CHART A1], [CHART A4], [CHART A6], [CHART A40]