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John JOHNSON and Susannah

[F7188]. John JOHNSON.
Born about 1609; son of Timothy JOHNSON and Rebecca ASLETT. He came with his wife Susanna [F7189] from Herne Hill, Kent, England. He arrived in New England probably about 1630, and came possibly first to Charlestown with Capt. Edward JOHNSON who later went to Woburn. They were probably brothers. Edward was the son of William JOHNSON, so it is thought that William JOHNSON [F14376] is the father of John.

John was among the first settlers who went to Agawam (afterwards Ipswich) in 1632. The first mention of him at Ipswich was in 1635, when his name appears on the list of “Earliest Settlers.” There he had a “Commonage Right,” which also indicated that he was one of the original proprietors.

He moved with his family in about 1648 to Andover, Massachusetts after the settlement of that town, and he became one of the proprietors there. Lots were assigned to him and to his son Thomas in 1657. He was one of a coroner’s jury called 21st day, 11th month, in 1664 [21 JAN 1664 New Style] to hold an inquest on the body of Peter Allyn, who was found dead in the Shawsin river. He took the oath of allegiance 11 FEB 1678. His name is on the list of taxpayers in the south end, found in the first Assessor’s book, in 1679. He was a shoemaker. He probably died (soon after his wife’s death in 1683-S1)(on 15 FEB 1719-S2) at Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.

[F7189]. Susannah.
She came to New England with her husband, John JOHNSON [F7188], probably in 1630. She died at Andover, Massachusetts on 12 SEP 1683.

CHILDREN of John JOHNSON [F7188] and Susannah [F7189]: